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Specializing in panini, sandwiches, sushi and Asian cuisine.


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I've purchased from Cafe Olympia before, but never had it delivered. They delivered it even earlier than I expected and the food was as good as ordering on the spot. If not a little better. I ordered the ramen with shrimp shumai and salmon avocado sushi. I forgot to tell them to hold the spice on the ramen, as I am sensitive to it, but that's my fault. Still ate it even though my tongue hurt, because it was delicious.


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This. Place. Is. Awesome! The food was delicious (I had a panini that blew my mind And my tummy *twas amazing) and the delivery was prompt. I even noticed a mistake (canned soda instead of bottle) and they made sure to correct it! They weren't upset when I called about it; rather, they just made it right. and they did so Right Away. :) I will absolutely be ordering this more often for lunch.


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Love this place. Their acai bowl did not have coconut flakes but after I requested it once they always add it to my bowl! TALK ABOUT PROACTIVITY!


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I got a green juice and a Turkey bacon egg and cheese. And they were both perfect. The prices weren't bad either. I got a new breakfast place.


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Great food I wish we could order the fried chicken wings but they are only offered at the buffet

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1 review
Cafe Olympia is absolutely amazing! They have a great selection of all different types of food and also lots of healthy options. They're also always trying new food stations with various cuisines.


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Love this place. Almost everyone at my job does to and we have over 50employees. Decent pricing for a Manhattan location with the exception of the buffet bar where they charge too much per pound.


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I order seamless twice a day; and Cafe Olympia is the only restaurant that is always on time or early and my order is always right. Love the food. Favorite go-to in midtown. Breakfast and lunch.


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I always order from here.. they didn't have turkey burgers so they were kind enough to give me a grilled chicken sandwich for the same price as the turkey burger


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The food is amazing and the service is always great. My office and I order from Olympia all the time. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

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